Las Vegas – A Colorful City in Black&White

Las Vegas – A Colorful City in Black&White
Genre: Photography
Veröffentlicht im Jahre: 2015

Las Vegas - A Colorful City in Black&White
Enjoy the fabulous City of Las Vegas in the black&white photobook.

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Über dieses Buch

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!
Las Vegas is a city overwhelming visitors with an abundance of colors.
Within the casinos and shopping malls, your visual perception is flooded by the colors of blinking lights, painted skies, kitschy interiors, cards, chips, dice and game tables. Here, even the carpets burst with dazzling colors and striking designs.
If you dare to leave the inside of the palace like seducing gamble and shopping venues, in hope to rest the eye, you will just encounter more colors.
During daytime, a saturated blue sky competes against the vibrant colors of the hotels.
After nightfall, the darkness just emphasizes the mesmerizing colors of the LED screens, brilliantly lit architectural facades and swirling cars. Not even the stars dare to compete against this plethora of light.
But what if all the colors are suddenly gone?
What will remain of this city of colors?
Will the famous Strip disappear or are new aspects of itself revealed?

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